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Are you the owner of a Recreational Vehicle and want or need to

make a change due to any of the following circumstances?


  • No longer need or have use for your RV.

  • Experienced an unforeseen life changing event due to changes of employment, health issues or the passing of a family member.

  • Inability to sell your current RV because there is more owed than the RV’s worth. We understand that with the ever depreciating values of recreational vehicles, sometimes it is difficult or impossible to sell at an amount required to fully satisfy your existing loan. This would put you in a position requiring you to make a large lump sum payment to satisfy your existing loan balance after receiving the best offer.

  • We have a solution for all of these issues - here is how Premier RV Solutions works for you.

  • We will actively locate and screen interested parties and handle all calls releasing you from the laborious task of communicating with people who are interested in your RV.

  • Both you and the contracted party will sign a contract. Premier RV Solutions will collect and forward the payments to the lender according to the terms of the contract.

  • The contractee will be responsible for paying insurance, registration, maintenance and repairs.

  • Premier RV Solutions is very conscientious about the persons who will be assuming your payments. We reserve the option in our contract to allow a full inspection of the coach with a 24 hour notice.

  • The contractee will be obligated via our contract to make timely payments, until which time they are able to refinance the lien out of your name or they have paid the existing lien holder in full, at which time you will transfer clear title to the new owners.

  • It is our goal to release you and Premier RV Solutions from financial obligation as soon as possible.

  • It is our intent and desire to work hand in hand with any and all interested parties seeking an alternative solution to a slow market environment, where you may experience low offers to purchase and/or little or no interest in your RV.

  • Premier RV Solutions is there for you at any time to answer any questions and give you the support you need. Please call today to learn more.


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