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Tired of researching all available options for acquiring your next motorhome?


It is becoming increasingly difficult to qualify for an RV loan in today’s tough lending market – regardless of credit score. In most cases, lenders are demanding no less than 30% down before any taxes and dealership fees kick in – NOT WITH US!



Let Premier RV be your Solution!



  • With our program, you will become responsible for the existing loan from the date of our contract with you.  You will be stepping into the current low interest loan and term on your chosen RV. 
  • After choosing a unit, you will be required to fill out an application and submit some documentation to verify their identity and status. There is NO QUALIFYING necessary – the loan is already in place.  We do not pull a credit report - our decision is based on your stability, income and complete disclosure that you have made on your application. 
  • Upon application approval, we will help you get full coverage insurance that will not only protect yourself but also the owner and the lien holder. 
  • A non refundable fee is required on all units, due in full before you sign your contract.  Fees are variable depending on the unit you have selected.
  • Each of our existing units are available for deposit at any time. A deposit is not mandatory, but it will allow any individual, at any time to place a 7 day reservation on any available unit - thereby removing it from the market as unavailable until all acquisition paperwork is complete. If the application is denied by Premier RV Solutions, or the unit does not meet the AS DESCRIBED condition upon actual inspection, then the deposit will be returned.
  • Upon arrival to our office, you will have a chance to view and inspect the vehicle to maintain it is to your satisfaction. Our representatives will complete a thorough walk through inspection to verify with you the overall condition inside and out of each unit.  At this time you will be able to talk about any features you are not familiar with and learn about things you do not understand. (We can arrange a brief driving course to familiarize yourself with RV driving. Recommended for first time 'RV’ers',  you are encouraged to stay at one of Las Vegas’ plentiful RV parks to get to know their vehicle and have our staff on hand to answer any questions and actually be there on site to help!) 
  • When the loan is completely satisfied, or when the name on the loan is transferred to you, you will receive title work from the registered owner. 
  • You will be responsible for maintaining punctual payments, constant insurance coverage and registration and all other expenses associated with the RV.
  • We seek honest reliable candidates for stepping into our units with the assurance that when delivered, each unit will be fully detailed, serviced and in proper working order at the time of delivery.  We stand behind our products and the reputation of our company. Premier RV Solutions are fully licenced and proud members of Better Business Bureau and Las Vegas Chamber of Commerce.      


  • Can’t find an RV that suits your needs or budget? Please let us know and we will make our best effort to find your vehicle and get it into our program!



  • If interested in any of our units or trying to find one that we don’t currently offer, please call us and we can discuss your options!